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Title: Communication to Trackers
Post by: Auntie Bellum on March 19, 2010, 11:20:08 am
How do you do it?

What I really like when I am tracking is a three part communication cycle

1) Ref Reports
2) Tracker Repeats
3) Ref Acknowledges that 2 is correct (getting the nod)

2 is not always possible but even waiting for me to nod helps a lot. 

I get frustrated too when a ref skates by, says something and I have no real idea what to write down.  I know that waiting for me to repeat takes time away from watching the skaters, but waiting until between jams is a great way to lose penalties.  I have asked and had no one remember.

Then again this is what I am used to and it does not seem to be the norm everywhere, it is just what my refs seem to like and expect. 

So what do you want from your trackers? People talk about "Good Communication" being important but I thought it might be useful to look a little closer since this is the area that has seemed to vary the most when I have worked away games.
Title: Re: Communication to Trackers
Post by: Riff Reff on March 22, 2010, 01:11:24 pm
what I want is just that: feedback.

I ask Penalty Trackers to give a thumbs up to refs and outside whiteboard as the signal that they've got the message.
When I make a call I turn to the PT as soon as  I can. Either I get a thumbs up instantly and can get back to the action or I repeat my call including hand signal and wait for the thumbs up before I do so.

Title: Re: Communication to Trackers
Post by: Stegoscorus on March 30, 2010, 07:56:36 pm
Our tracker likes it when we hand signal as we approach him, to let him know we have something to report.  Then we can shout "BLACK, FOUR TWO!" or whatever as we whiz by and usually don't have to take our eyes off the pack. 

When they don't year it, the tracker will yell, "Stego, repeat!" and I'll try again next time I pass them.

If I'm unsure that the tracker got something, I'll skate over between jams and say "Confirmation, black, four-two, elbows."

It's important to keep this concise, what with all the information flying in a tracker's face all the time.  I suggest standardizing short verbal cues like "repeat" and "confirm" within the league, rather than sometimes saying "Hey, I didn't hear that, can you try again?" or "I wasn't sure if you heard me," etc. 
Title: Re: Communication to Trackers
Post by: Pat-E-Rat on March 30, 2010, 11:04:11 pm
I pretty much do as Stego does.  My only difference is somewhere in my head, or in a previous life, I am a cashier asking for a price check that ends up sounding like, "Purple, sixty-two, elbows!  Purple, sixty-two, elbows!"  all while signaling.  Yes, I have been laughed at for it before, but NSOs don't seem to mind and I try to always check post-jam for clarity.
Title: Re: Communication to Trackers
Post by: FlamingMo on March 30, 2010, 11:49:42 pm
I did penalty tracking at a bout recently and while I could anticipate the calls (I know the hand signals) it was hearing what color it was for that I had a hard time with. Seemed difficult, with the teams being Black and Blue. And I know at half time the head ref told us that the refs wanted us to anticipate the calls better, but I told her, it was the color I had a hard time with, not the calls. I could see the penalty being called and knew what it was, but just had to figure out what team it was for. And with both teams having a couple overlapping numbers, that made it worse.

Dunno if that helps at all, but from the other side of it, that was my issue. So if there is some way to emphasize what team better might help. No idea how though.
Title: Re: Communication to Trackers
Post by: Riff Reff on March 31, 2010, 10:39:48 am
Last Saturday I had an extra Penalty Wrangler and I must say: It is a huge help when working with inexperienced Penalty Trackers! It may be moot if you have good people there...

While the PTs were busy keeping their sheets and the board up to date we always had a person alert you could report penalties to.

I will keep this extra position, whenever I have enough people.
Title: Re: Communication to Trackers
Post by: Stegoscorus on March 31, 2010, 04:52:29 pm
Heck yes to Penalty Wranglers!  My league uses one Tracker, one Wrangler, and one Inside White Board Operator. 

The Tracker and Wrangler stand next to each other, facing opposite directions.  Refs can report to either of them, and having one facing each direction makes it so we can report on either side of the track.  The Wrangler has a small white board where they can jot down penalties they hear or see on the Outside White Boards, so they don't have to just remember everything until they can pass it on to the Tracker. 

The IWB Operator only writes down what the Tracker tells them to, so that the official penalty sheet and visible white board always match.  We try not to report penalties to this person, but they do sometimes help in moments of many things being yelled at once.   :)
Title: Re: Communication to Trackers
Post by: Jazzy on April 12, 2010, 03:36:42 pm
I generaly will let the trackers know before the bout that I like to Say the penalty twice, and expect a head nod if they got it or I will ask that they point to their ear if they did not, then i will repeat myself.