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Title: forming a ref commitee
Post by: Jet Black N Blue on May 05, 2010, 10:03:58 am
Untill very lately, I was the only ref for my team.  Recentley(and thankfully) we now have a total of five refs (including me). What I was wondering was this, what are the best rules for refs to follow in a localized ref commitee. 
     I'm not talking about WFTDA rules. I mean rules for the refs on my team. Things such as attendance and so forth. I never had to think about these things when I was the lone ref.
     I would greatly appreciate any tips I can get.
Title: Re: forming a ref commitee
Post by: Pat-E-Rat on May 05, 2010, 01:33:18 pm
I have the same thing going on.  Only ref after one went on leave of absence and now I have one in training.  My league has three practices per week.  One is endurance/drills/skills based, one is mixed scrimmage, the third is skills and team specific scrimmage situations. 
We require 75% attendance per month (roughly 8 practices) with 50% on Thursdays or mixed scrimmage days (roughly 2-3).  The reasoning being there is more ref training on Thursdays...plus it's more fun.  I administer rules quizzes after their first month and every month thereafter until they pass with 100%.  We also have rules discussion on Tuesdays, not mandatory, but it makes for a productive Q&A.
All the while we work on skating skills with the skaters, basically their practice is our practice.  After two months they get skill tested. 
Once they have passed their written test I confer with the league, give them the green light to NSO.  After they have NSOed at least three different positions, passed the written test and skating skills, we give them the OK to ref.  All this assuming of course they have their own equipment...duh.

I don't think I left much out, but if you have more questions, feel free, I'd been alone for a bit, so I know that game...