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Title: Penalty Box Mistakes
Post by: Kung FU Hussy on May 26, 2011, 02:56:16 pm
I'm not sure if this is the correct place for it, but at a recent bout I attended, the penalty box timers were messing up a lot.  Making jammers serve full minutes when they were both in the box, etc.  They clearly did not know their job very well.  This had a decided impact on the game. 

The head ref was aware of the issues.  He apologized to the visiting team for it (as they were the ones most affected by the problems), but did not remove or replace the timers that were causing the problem. 

What could be done in this scenerio?  Is it the head ref's duty to replace the box timers mid-bout?  I guess I was always under the impression that the NSO's are part of the crew and fall under the jurisdiction of the head ref.  I know that our head ref has replaced positions mid-bout when someone isn't doing their job.  In this case, I wasn't on the ref crew, but wondered what, if anything, I should do if I had been?

Thanks for any input.
Title: Re: Penalty Box Mistakes
Post by: Gimme Mo on May 26, 2011, 03:42:05 pm
Yes, the NSOs do fall under the jurisdiction of the Head Ref, so it would be up to the HR's discretion to replace the box timers, or s/he could delegate this job to his/her Head NSO.  I believe if this happened in my league and we became aware there was an issue, that either I or our HR would fix the issue at the half.
Title: Re: Penalty Box Mistakes
Post by: Shaun Ketterman on May 26, 2011, 05:21:17 pm
A head referee could replace any NSO that needed replacing.  It's within his power to do so.

9.1.2 One referee is designated Head Referee; the Head Referee is the ultimate authority in the game. The Head Referee will assign positions and duties to the other referees and non-skating officials.

Instead of ignoring the situation (as I gather from your post) he probably should have taken a time out and talked with the penalty timers about the situation and made sure they understood their jobs and what they were doing wrong.

The problem you get with replacing NSOs mid-bout is who do you replace them with?  Many NSO jobs, especially that one take some minimum training and a referee doesn't have time to make sure this happens mid-bout.  The odds of having a person just hanging around who can jump into the job aren't likely.  So I would call a time out and talk to the NSOs, and if it kept up might replace them if possible, or if they were in a position that wasn't needed, possibly relieve them entirely and do without. 

Title: Re: Penalty Box Mistakes
Post by: Kung FU Hussy on May 28, 2011, 02:22:56 pm