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Title: Tone of discourse: In forum and what it can teach you in reffing.
Post by: Cliquework on July 16, 2011, 03:32:41 am
Moderator hat on:

There have been recent comments in this forum that have been somewhat objectionable. Not just from one thread or person. But most definitely highlighted recently. Anything needing discussed with a specific person has been done or will be. Most disturbing I find, moreso than those against fellow refs, are those that dismiss the hard work that the WFTDA does.

As has been said in many ways before, the WFTDA is not some faceless organization tosing rules out arbitrarily that we must live by. There are many faces. Skaters and refs just like you and I, volunteers all, determined to better this sport. There to help. They put in countless unseen hours of considered work aimed at making derby great for players and fans so that we may all continue to do what we love. It's done for us and for their own love of it. That work is never over. Jus beginning actually.

Seriously, time to find a new proof-reader.
Name is left off. Not one to call people out, but it's a standout example, however seemingly nonthreatening or joking.

To dismiss the work, to complain it wasn't good enough, undermines all of that. It's unhelpful and petulant. Why complain. Why not suggest an alternative or ask for guidance. They listen. I'm grateful to be a part of WFTDA and help shape things where I can. To help spread the knowledge. I'm grateful to be here and be trusted with the position I have.

This forum is far from some cutthroat wasteland. Things are generally in order here. But let us not get lax. As it would be on the job of reffing, so too should we keep out professional hat on in here. It is a priveledge to be here with your peers. Learning where you can, helping those that need guidance, and knowing where you fit.

The professionalism and thought you display on a forum can carry into your reffing career and how you communicate with skaters, refs, and people in general. I can't quantify how much this is true for me. When to comment. When to not. Just listen and wait. What my role is in a given situation. Am I in charge or do I need to put my listening ears on. When to avoid belaboring a point (now??). How to accept being wrong or ask for guidance. Even enjoy it as long as we're all calling it the same. How being right doesn't matter if your point is lost on lack of communication. How to not get emotionally involved in a discussion, but to be analytical in an effort to find the correct answer. Not to be the one to answer.

I find I need to post a lot less than I used to. Not perfect though. Like WFTDA and the rest of us, it is ongoing. It's tough. Growth hurts.

I've seen growth in a lot of you.

This too is a learning moment. Not punishment or meant to publicly make an example of a person, so much as an idea. To be oppresive is to turn away someone from the knowledge you ultimately want them to learn. To turm them away from this awesome shrine to the monochromatic. Like the Jam Ref that forgets the color he's reffing at the second half. They'll never do it again. Right?

Blah blah good feelings. Get back to work.
Title: Re: Tone of discourse: In forum and what it can teach you in reffing.
Post by: Darkjester on July 16, 2011, 04:07:08 am
Communication is a PITA..

Especially when dealing with non-face to face communication such as text as media. Nuances, facial features, inflection, etc., often are left by the wayside and all we have left are the words which may or may not be how the writer intended them to be perceived.

Couple this when the target of the words is a 'proverbial' nameless faceless 'entity'. WFTDA isn't 1 person, or even 5 people. It is its own entity that MANY of here are members of, and many of us aspire to membership with; however it is still not a living breathing 'person', but a thing which makes it an easy target.

Easy as in its simple to forget that the PEOPLE who work long and hard to come up with the rules, manuals, FAQ's, Clarifications, put just as much (and moreso for many) time and attention to Derby as we do.

Its easy for both sides to become emotional about something, those who feel attacked because of dissent, and those who disagree and feel like the need to point out the possible flaws/inconsistencies etc.

A friend of mine on FB posted in regards to the most recent clarification "SO (insert famous derby official/coach/commentator)'s tactic work. Fix the loophole by exploiting it"   Everyone comes to post about our perceptions/experiences/etc., with a different point of view, reason or background. It doesn't necessarily make them right or wrong and English as a language isn't often as clear as it could be or was intended to represent. But I'm sure we ALL can agree that, specifically speaking about the most recent topic, what clarification we DO have is better than the "Strategy that broke derby"

We need to remember civility, skaters-refs-officials-certified-uncertified-wftda-nonwftda- rules committee- etc..

We are all human, and we are all communicating with humans, so everyone has a right to make a mistake, we also need to remember not to take things too personally.
Title: Re: Tone of discourse: In forum and what it can teach you in reffing.
Post by: J. Ref K. on October 09, 2011, 04:36:18 pm
Blah blah good feelings. Get back to work.

+1 lol
Title: Re: Tone of discourse: In forum and what it can teach you in reffing.
Post by: HIM-roid on October 09, 2011, 05:26:55 pm
Another thing to remember, when the rules committee comes up with a clarification, it has to address things seen at higher levels of play where a gray area has been exploited beyond what the intent of the rule was intended. If you watch the Big 5 Tournaments, you may see why a certain clarification was written the way it was.
Title: Re: Tone of discourse: In forum and what it can teach you in reffing.
Post by: Darkjester on October 09, 2011, 05:27:51 pm
*Cough* The jam that never was *Cough*
Title: Re: Tone of discourse: In forum and what it can teach you in reffing.
Post by: Brass Monkey on January 04, 2012, 07:05:34 pm
As a new comer to the Derby world (as an NSO/Ref and Skater for the local men's league), I find this post to be extremely spot on.  Not just on this forum but every site that talks about Derby.  If we can prove to be as strong and caring of a community online as I have found off line from every single person I have interacted with, it will be a huge vote of confidence for Derby worldwide.  There are enough other trolling spots on the internet.

Just my half cent (I don't have 2 cents yet).