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Title: Scrimmage Tracking Sheets
Post by: GlamGirl on August 05, 2011, 12:11:47 pm
The league I NSO with have just created 2 teams and we are beginning to play closed intra-league bouts, partly to assess the balance of the teams but also to give less experienced skaters scrimmaging practice in a 'real bout' situation.

The problem I have run into is that we sometimes have more than 14 skaters on each team which messes with the WFTDA standard recording sheets. Does anyone know if there is something like a scrimmaging sheet which can be used for more than 14. I think that the stats produced offer a valuable insight into the balance of the teams and the areas that need work but currently in info that comes from the sheets with more than the standard number of players is kind of useless.

Alternatively, how tricky would it be to alter the current sheets. I'm ok with excel but am nervous about breaking formulas that run across several pages.
Title: Re: Scrimmage Tracking Sheets
Post by: SilkenTofu on August 05, 2011, 01:48:43 pm
The tournament statsbook allows for up to 20 skaters. This is what I usually use for scrimmages, even when I've been given a roster of 14 ahead of time. We all know there will always be changes!
Title: Re: Scrimmage Tracking Sheets
Post by: theMadStatter on August 05, 2011, 05:52:50 pm
Some of the derived stats get screwed up if you use more than 16 skaters (and, in fact, in one place it gets screwed up for the second alternate, i.e., skater 16).

Short version: part of the LU sheet was change from 20 to 16 skaters, and the change broke skater 16, and support for 17-20 doesn't exist in some places on the SK sheet

For those wanting the gory details (ignore if you hate gore):
Look at LU!AE9 through LU!AE28 (which is used to calculate the lead for away skater in period 1).
For skater 1 (LU!AE9) it is: IF(T25="","",IF(OR(SK!AD120="",SK!AD120=0),"",SK!AG120))
Skater 2 (LU!AE10) it is: IF(T10="","",IF(OR(SK!AD123="",SK!AD123=0),"",SK!AG123))
Skater 15 (LU!AE23) it is: IF(T23="","",IF(OR(SK!AD162="",SK!AD162=0),"",SK!AG162))
So far so good (i.e., increase SK!AD and SK!AG by 3 for each row).

However, when you get to skater 16 (the second alternate) LU!AE24 is: IF(T24="","",IF(OR(SK!AD177="",SK!AD177=0),"",SK!AG177))
And then LU!AE25 is: IF(T25="","",IF(OR(SK!AD180="",SK!AD180=0),"",SK!AG180))

Going to SK, it only goes up to 179 rows - so for LU!AE25 you are looking off the table. This, isn't really a problem, since that would only cause errors for skater 17 (which, of course, there isn't - clearly the sheet was designed for a roster of 20 skaters, and the last 4 are just hidden in the IBRF). But, while skater 15's data comes from SK!AD162, skater 16's data comes from SK!AD177 (which is actually the data for skater 20), while it should come from SK!AD165 (3 rows below SK!AD162).

Similar issues exist for LU:M24 (lead for home skater 16, period 1), as well as LU:M123 (lead for home skater 16, period 2), and LU:AE123 (lead for away skater 16, period 2). There are also similar problems for the irrelevant skaters 17-20 in those spaces as well.

Title: Re: Scrimmage Tracking Sheets
Post by: Q on January 22, 2014, 04:48:59 pm
I've made a scrimmage form that I use to run scrimmages all by myself (in other words, I'm the only NSO). It's challenging, definitely easier with a second NSO, but doable.


Note, this is just for tracking the absolute minimum. You can forget about getting any useful statistics with this form :)