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Title: ZH needs a new verifier!
Post by: Major Wood on August 23, 2011, 12:54:49 pm
ExceptionHandler will be stepping down from the referee verifier position and we need to find someone to fill in the spot. Rather than writing out job requirements, I'm just going to post what Stegoscorus (the previous verifier) wrote about the process.

Managing the Zebra Huddle Referee Verification Process

Emails sent to the verify address should include legal name, derby name, league affiliation, and a
contact for verification. This should be a league president, interleague coordinator, head ref, or some
such qualified individual.

If they are missing any of this information, email them back and ask them to provide it. If the email
address they give you is something like info@toastercityrollergirls.com, write the ref back and ask who
answers that email. Alternately, you could add in your verification email that the responder should let
you know their derby name and role on the league. Those generic email addresses can go to anyone.

When you get a response, thank that person for the confirmation. Then go to ZH and click on the refís
profile. In the left column, under Modify Profile, click on Account Related Settings. ZH will ask you to
confirm your password. Youíll then see a drop-down menu called Primary Member Group. Change their
status to Referee.

If you have time, itís nice to send an email to the ref letting them know they were verified. Mine
said ďHi, youíve been verified and you now have access to all of Zebra Huddle. Have fun! Stegoscorus,
ZH Referee Verifier.Ē

Occasionally you canít find the user on ZH. This is either because the refís ZH user name is different
than their derby name, or because they havenít made an account yet. If you canít find a user, email
them back and tell them theyíve been verified but you donít see their account, and they need to let you
know what their user name is. Or you can search for them on ZH by their email address, whichever is
less annoying to you. Sometimes when their user name is not their derby name they are awesome and
tell you ahead of time, but often they donít.

Once the member status is changed, send an email to Major Wood. I suggest doing this at least daily,
whether itís one or multiple referees that were verified, so you donít forget anyone.

This is a very active email address! You will need a good system of keeping track of things. If you use
Gmail, you can ďstarĒ the request emails until that ref is confirmed, then un-star them when you write
back to that person letting them know theyíve been verified. I would also star the confirmation emails
until I wrote to Wood letting him know which refs were verified. If you have time, itís nice to go back
and see if any refs have been waiting for verification for over a week. You can write them and let them
know you wrote to the email address they provided, but havenít heard back, and ask if thereís another
contact theyíd like you to try.

Many of the emails will be addressed to Wood, and some of them will include information, love letters,
etc. meant for him. He still receives the verify emails, so donít worry about passing along the messages;
he can see them.

Whoever fills this position will need to be a good representative of Zebra Huddle, as you will be personally contacting people on behalf of Zebra Huddle. You may also be dealing with a certain backlog of requests, I will do my best to help out with getting you all the necessary information about these backlogs. I am also looking into possibilities for making this job much easier to manage (even by multiple people).
This is an important part of Zebra Huddle, if you can help out, please do.
If you are interested, please send me a personal message.

Thank you.
Title: Re: ZH needs a new verifier!
Post by: Major Wood on September 03, 2011, 12:27:52 am
Eject You Later will be taking on this position. Welcome to the ZH staff!

I want to take a moment to tell everyone currently awaiting verification to please be patient. We will be working in the coming weeks to get current on all verifications. This may take some time, as I just forwarded approximately 60 verification requests that may have not have been completed and more will come in during the time it takes to sort through those.
We will get back up to date and start processing these requests quickly again. Thank you for your patience and your support of Zebra Huddle.