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Title: One or two actions?
Post by: mick hawkins on June 28, 2012, 04:56:11 am
This happened in a bout on the weekend.
I'm now overthinking it and questioning the call I made.

Black blocker moves in to block white blocker and black blocker initiates contact.
Black blocker's skates contact white blocker's skates and they both fall (the skate contact caused the fall).
While falling, well before they hit the ground, black blocker's flailing elbow hits white blocker in the face.

So, we have a major low block and an elbow to the face.

Is this one action, or two?
Would you consider there to be two penalties in this... or just one?

(For example, if it's one action, the elbow to the face isn't "initial" contact to the head)

and, special bonus question that just occurred to me this morning...
Is there any grounds for expulsion or GM for the elbow? Is it reckless and negligent?

EDIT: sorry... probably should have put this in "you make the call".
Title: Re: One or two actions?
Post by: Stegoscorus on June 28, 2012, 07:39:45 am
It sounds like there was a second or two between the two actions described, so I think it would probably qualify for two penalties. 

Unless there were something really outrageous about the way Black Blocker fell, I wouldn't go to Expulsion Town.  A major sounds appropriate to me.