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Title: NSO Rules Test
Post by: Stegoscorus on August 29, 2012, 07:29:49 am
Does anyone have a rules test that they use specifically for NSOs?

My league wants to start using one before NSOs can work bouts, but we don't want to reinvent the wheel if there's a decent one out there.  Even one we can adapt from would be great.

Alternately, are there any questions you've always thought would be great on an NSO-specific rules test?  If we do end up writing one, I'd be happy to post it in the ZH Files section when it's done, so others can benefit from it.
Title: Re: NSO Rules Test
Post by: Numb3r Crunch3r on August 29, 2012, 07:56:32 am
Depending on how basic/complicated you want to go, a lot of it may overlap with basic rules knowledge (on the basis that a lot of the high-level NSO skills are crew-specific - based on how a particular HR likes things done - and more information again is not well codified in the rules (the IWB 'dot system' for example)) - so as a basic start, I'd think questions like (multiple choice answers of course):

Penalty Box:

- How long is a skater required to sit in the penalty box for a single penalty turn?
- At what point must a skater stand in the penalty box?
- What is the verbal cue for instructing a skater to stand/leave the penalty box?
- If Jammer A has been seated for 30 seconds, and Jammer B enters the penalty box and sits, what happens?
- *Insert further questions here if you really want to grill your NSOs about jammer-swap scenarios*


- What is the penalty letter code for *insert penalty*?
- How many minors must a skater receive in order to be sent to the penalty box for accumulated minors?
- A skater is allowed to take how many penalty box turns? (5 per period, 5 per game, 7 per period, 7 per game, or something like that)
- How are team numbers to be sorted on NSO paperwork according to best practices?
- What is the symbol used to record minor penalties on an inside whiteboard? (Hash mark, asterisk, penalty letter code etc)
- How does an outside whiteboard signal that a penalty is a major?

Jam Timer:

- When is the jam timer required to release the pack? (choose all that apply)
- What is the maximum duration of a jam?
- What is the time duration between jams with no time-out?
- What is the maximum duration after the end of a timeout, before commencement of the next jam?
- What is the duration of a team timeout?
- At what points in the game should the period clock be stopped? (choose all that apply)
- What are the physical and/or audible cues required to start a jam?
- Match the following whistles to their correct jam timing event. (one long, two rapid, four rapid, rolling whistle)

Similar sorts of questions for other positions (LTs, Score Trackers), but those would really depend on your league's systems and how complicated you want to go. Do you track box points, and if so is it required that all NSOs understand how this works? Are your scoretrackers expected to question/work with the jammer ref to ensure the score is correct? (eg if one skater in the box, and jammer ref signalling one point, does the scoretracker just write it down, or go out and ask 'should you give that box point as well?')

...this was a fun way to avoid working for the last 15 minutes of the day :)
Title: Re: NSO Rules Test
Post by: Stegoscorus on August 31, 2012, 02:10:04 am
Thanks for the suggestions, NC!  I'll pass them along to my league's Officials Committee.
Title: Re: NSO Rules Test
Post by: GlamGirl on September 05, 2012, 10:39:24 am
I've been working on getting an online NSO specific rules test with multiple choices together but am waiting until the new rules have been released before setting free on the world. No point now as things are bound to change and although the "No Minors" are a known change, there maybe other things so I'm waiting.