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Title: Honky Tonk Stomp - June 22-23 2013 - Gray, TN
Post by: Mighty RefTone on January 14, 2013, 11:04:28 pm
Little City Roller Girls will be hosting the 2013 Honky Tonk Stomp (Tennessee state tournament) June 22-23 at the Appalachian Fairgrounds in Gray, TN.  The bout schedule is still being determined, but sanctioned bouts will be held on Saturday, and various non-sanctioned bouts will take place Sunday.   More details will be released as the information becomes available.

Applications for referees and non-skating officials are now being accepted.  Please complete the form here:  Application Form (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dE51ckFJaGxZRFRXWGJCN2pTeUwta0E6MQ#gid=0).

Important Dates

1/14/13 - Applications Open
2/15/13 - Deadline for Tournament Head Referee and Crew Head Referee/NSO Applications
2/28/13 - Tournament Head Referee and Head NSO Announced
3/14/13 - Crew Head Referees and NSOs Announced
3/31/13 - Deadline for All Other Applications
5/02/13 - Referee and NSO Crews Invited
5/09/13 - Deadline to Accept or Decline Invitation
6/06/13 - Referee and NSO Position Assignments Announced
6/22/13-6/23/13 - Honky Tonk Stomp

Questions regarding the event or the application may be addressed here, or directed to stompofficials@gmail.com.

Thank you for your interest!  We look forward to putting together great crews and an exciting event!
Title: Re: Honky Tonk Stomp - June 22-23 2013 - Gray, TN
Post by: PackMan on January 15, 2013, 05:32:02 pm
As RefTone stated, this is the Tennessee State tournament.  There will be 5 WFTDA full member leagues competing.  Applications are starting to roll in.  If you are interested in being considered as a Crew Head, or Tournament Head your application deadline is Feb 15th.  All others have a bit more time.
Title: Re: Honky Tonk Stomp - June 22-23 2013 - Gray, TN
Post by: Mighty RefTone on March 17, 2013, 10:25:00 pm
We are pleased to announce the following positions have been filled:

THR - Donald Thump
CHRs - Major Wood, Pantichrist, Seer Sin
THNSO - Turtle
CHNSOs - Casagrande, Organnica, Will Ryder

Thanks so much to all those that have applied!  Applications are still being accepted for all other referee and NSO positions.  The final deadline is March 31st.

The (tentative) tournament schedule has been released:

Saturday, June 22nd -
10:00 Hard Knox vs Chattanooga
12:00 Little City vs Chattanooga
2:00  Memphis vs Hard Knox
4:00  Little City vs Hard Knox
6:00  Memphis vs Chattanooga
8:00  Little City vs Memphis

Sunday, June 23rd -
10:00 Little City Juniors vs Memphis Juniors
12:00 Hard Knox Brawlers vs Red River Sirens
2:00  Little City Big Trouble vs Dunlap Darksiders
4:00  Department Of Derailmentz vs Cookeville Roller Derby