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Post by: Major Wood on December 18, 2008, 11:17:25 pm
First thing to note is that there are two places you should check before you post a question here.

1) Take a look through the current WFTDA rules, which are located here (http://www.wftda.com/rules/).
2) Look at http://wftda.com/rules/qa (http://wftda.com/rules/qa) for any clarifications that may have answered your questions. Pallbearer posted more information (http://zebrahuddle.com/index.php?topic=2.0) about why this is so important.
3) Search to make sure that your question has not yet been answered. There is a link to the message board search on the menu bar across the top of the forum.

Please note that everything in this section of the message board is available to skaters and the rest of the public. Things that are inappropriate to discuss in front of anyone other than other referees, there is a Referees Only section to host those discussions. You must be a member of the referee group on this message board to access it. If you cannot see that section and you are a referee, please go here (http://www.zebrahuddle.com/index.php?topic=13.0) for information on how to get verified as a referee.

This is basically an honor system and should be treated seriously. Skaters, if you try to gain access (successful or not) to the referee member group, you may be denying all the refs in your league from a very helpful source of information. You will certainly be subject to a user review.
I don't want to be a hardass about that, but I'm trying to make this as useful as possible for the referees of this wonderful sport, and there needs to be areas where we can discuss certain things in private. Please respect that.
Anything posted in any of the sections of this message board is the opinion of that poster and should NOT be treated as a clarification from WFTDA. This is a very useful forum for discussion, but we are not the WFTDA rules committee.

Also note that this post may be updated at any time with links to commonly discussed topics and rules that I feel necessary to add as time goes on. Check back regularly to keep yourself updated.

Your friendly ZebraHuddle.com (http://ZebraHuddle.com) administrator,
Major Wood