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Title: OOP points
Post by: EL-REFE on March 22, 2017, 05:33:20 pm
Let's say there is a blocker way out of play at the front of the engagement zone. The jammer will get that point obviously, but if the jam ends before that same OOP blocker makes it back to the engagement zone, will the jammer earn that point on their next scoring trip?

My point is does the jammer even have to be in the engagement zone or pack to earn that point on the OOP blocker when the jam is called off?
(started the next scoring trip, but not yet to the engagement zone)

Title: Re: OOP points
Post by: Speedy Convalesce on March 22, 2017, 07:23:08 pm
By the letter of the rules, this point is to be awarded even if the Jammer is just barely on their new scoring trip when the Jam ends. But most people (including everyone I discussed this with) consider this to be an unintended oversight and will require that the Jammer had an actual opportunity at scoring on their final trip in order to award this NOPP point. Since the 2015 rules used "in the pack" as a metric for this, most people simply continue to use that.
Title: Re: OOP points
Post by: AdamSmasher on March 23, 2017, 03:08:49 pm
"No Opportunity" points are somewhat tricky beasts.  If a jammer completes their scoring trip by exiting the front engagement zone and the opposing blocker is out of play in front, then clearly that trip ended without a scoring opportunity.

I disagree with Speedy on what the letter of the rules say if the scoring trip ends for any other reason, however, as it's not cut and dried. (although I generally agree with his final result.)

If the scoring trip ends because the jam ends, by the letter of the rules, you have to decide - was there a denied opportunity for the jammer to pass that blocker?  If the jammer is one foot in front of the EZ on a new scoring trip, it's not sensible to say she's been denied a passing opportunity on that trip - it's just too soon.  That jammer had an entire lap to go on that trip, and there's no way to know what sort of opportunities would or would not have presented themselves. 

To put it another way - just because you *haven't* passed someone yet doesn't necessarily mean you don't have the opportunity to do so. And that's what "No Opportunity" points are for: situations without any opportunity.

Now the annoying fuzzy situations occur when the jammer is close to finishing a scoring trip and the jam ends.  At that point, discretion is required to determine if they truly have had no opportunities or not.  1 foot from ending the trip?  Probably award points.  10 feet from ending the trip? Meh? Use your discretion.