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Title: Communicating Position Status in WFTDA Play
Post by: AdamSmasher on July 31, 2017, 08:43:44 pm
From WFTDA OffCom. Not NDA. I am sharing purely for information, and am not affiliated with OffCom.

(Clarification: this is an officiating standard practice, not a rule. It is required for sanctioned play, and a best practice in other cases. - Smasher)

Communicating Position Status in WFTDA Play
Published 7/28/2017

An official should proactively communicate information about a skater’s position status to maintain the flow of the game if:
A. it is before the five second warning for the jam. Or,
B. the action is penalty-worthy. However, an official isn’t required to warn a skater if the act is deliberate. Officials should use discretion to determine what is deliberate in the context of the game. Or,
C. a skater asks about their position status.

Position status is defined as the act of taking a position in the game by means of physical location at the start of the jam, or possessing or wearing a helmet cover.

Communication should always be concise, factual, and without instruction. An official should not include how to rectify the issue, only what the issue is.

Your star is not visible.
You are not wearing a helmet cover.
You are not the Jammer.

Pull the back of the cover down.
Your cover came off in Turn 2.
The Jammer is in the box for a penalty.

Officials should attempt to warn a Pivot who is not the Jammer but acting like the Jammer.

An incomplete star pass results in the Pivot’s possession of the star. They put on the star and begin to skate out of the engagement zone.

Outcome: Officials should inform them of their status. For example: “You are not the Jammer. Out of play.”

Keep in mind: If a Pivot intentionally wears the Star and behaves as a Jammer after being clearly told they are not the Jammer, they should be issued a penalty.

Keep in mind: If the pass is incomplete, the Pivot is still eligible for resulting penalties after the warning (like Failure to Return), even if they are wearing the Jammer Cover.

Officials should prioritize their primary responsibilities over delivering information about the flow of the game that isn’t required by the rules. Failing to deliver information around position status is not an officiating error.

Example A
A Jammer lines up on the jam line with the helmet cover on inside out, with the stars not visible.

Outcome: If an Official notices and it doesn’t inhibit their ability to complete immediate tasks, they should inform the skater concisely, factually, and without instruction. For example, (“[Color], [Number], Your star is not visible.“)

Keep in mind: After the five second warning, Officials should focus on being ready for the upcoming jam. If a warning is required, it should be delivered after the jam starts.

Keep in mind: A skater is considered the Jammer as long as the Jammer helmet cover (“The Star”) is visible. The actual stars on the helmet cover aren’t required to establish the Jammer’s position, but do impact whether a Jammer is considered active or inactive.

Example B

A Jammer takes off the helmet cover and the cover is barely visible in their hand.

Outcome: Officials should warn “[Color], [Number], show your star”. If the skater doesn’t make an attempt to show the cover in their hand, they should be penalized.

Keep in mind: Jammers and Pivots can only carry the cover on their helmet or in their hand. If the Jammer had removed the cover and stuffed it in their jersey before immediately engaging the pack, they should be immediately penalized. The act was deliberate with intent to conceal the star.

Example C
An active Jammer removes their helmet cover with intent to pass, but later decides to put it back on and resume active Jammer status. When they put the cover back on, the star is not visible. They notice they are not scoring points and ask the official why they don’t have any points.

Outcome: An official is empowered to answer concisely, factually, and without instruction; for example, “Your star is not visible”.

Keep in mind: The Official should only communicate this information when asked, because the jam has already started and the skater is not at risk of being penalized.