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Title: Delay of game for Captain and expulsion for bench staff?
Post by: nueces on June 08, 2018, 07:34:00 am
This situation happens to me as a Jammer Referee in a game a few week ago:

Before the Jam start, a White Player is positioned after the Jammer Line, without visibilly carrying the Star in their helmet or hands. Immediately after the Jam-Starting Whistle the Jammer Referee warns to the White Player to show the Star, in that moment one person from the bench staff of the White Team drop the Start into in the hands of the White Player. In that moment the Jammer referee finished the Jam.

I Issue a Delay of Game for the Captain of the White Team, and after a OTO the Bench staff member was expelled from the game for interference with the game and a second penalty was issued to the White Captain.

Was the expulsion of the Bench staff member the correct action?

I believe that I should have warned to the White Player to show the Star before the Jam start, but I noticed it almost at the same time that the Jam start.
Title: Re: Delay of game for Captain and expulsion for bench staff?
Post by: AdamSmasher on June 08, 2018, 01:48:15 pm
Woof, there's a lot happening here.

First off, here's what *should* have happened in a perfect world.  This is *not* to assign blame because it didn't happen - things get busy, and we all miss stuff.  That said, as soon as the jammer lined up without a visible star, they should have been issued a warning.

If they did not have the star visible by 29 seconds on the period clock, the jam should not have been started at all.  This would have avoided the interference situation after the jam had started.  No jam should ever be started without two jammers present and in visible possession of the star.

In the situation that you had, where the jam was started without the cover present, no warning should have been issued - the jam should just have been immediately called off. 

On the subject of the bench staff - that's a tricky one.  It certainly warrants a *penalty* but I'm not sure I'd expel a coach for this.  However, I wouldn't fault an official who did, as it is certainly on the line.

Important note: if you *expel* the bench staff, the captain sits for 30 seconds, but does NOT have a penalty added to their total.  If you simply *penalize* the bench staff, it DOES count towards the captain's 7.