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Title: Nashville Roller Derby 2020 Scrimmage-A-Thon - 7/11/2020
Post by: Major Wood on January 27, 2020, 09:36:38 pm
Nashville Roller Derby are hosting their annual Scrimmage-a-thon on July 11th, 2020*. This will be held at The Fairgrounds Nashville in Nashville, TN.

We are seeking officials to staff the 6 scrimmages (each 45 minutes long) and be considered for two games after the scrimmages are over. Lunch and dinner will be provided for officials, with accommodations made for dietary concerns (we won't leave you high and dry if you are vegan, gluten free, etc).

This event is one that has been very successful in getting newer officials lots of feedback. We generally have several high level referees (several with Playoffs and Champs experience) there doing lots of watching and shadowing to give feedback.
This year we are again seeking to increase the number of high level NSOs available for feedback. If you think you may be able to give feedback, please consider coming.

There is no specific application close date, but we will be doing rolling invitations (hopefully every week or so, depending on the number of applications). So you should be able to make plans fairly quickly after you apply.

Apply here (https://forms.gle/77mMM4SzHvp2EPCJ6)

* Yes, the date is correct. This event will be held much later in the year than usual.