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Title: Getting officials attention
Post by: Rego_Derby on March 03, 2020, 04:05:02 am
My team was debriefing from their most recent bout and asked me what is the best way to get the officials attention regarding what should have been blatant game interference matter. The situation was white team lined up 4 blockers and a jammer for the upcoming jam. Nobody except black team realized white team had a blocker in the penalty box (obviously a pretty catastrophic failure of officiating for it to go unnoticed by the skating officials, penalty box manager, lineup tracker, and penalty wrangler). Shouting and waving didn't get any of the officials attention. So black team was wondering what else they could or should have done to get the officials to stop the jam before any significant advantage was gained by white team and for the interference penalty to be assessed on white team. They wondered should the skaters have all taken a knee to start the jam? Should they have run up to officials interrupting the jam to get them to notice? I didn't know what to tell them so thought I would bring it up here what you would want done.