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Title: New Moderators
Post by: Major Wood on January 26, 2009, 11:11:26 pm
It has become more and more apparent that I need people who are more available to moderate the topics on this forum during the day. I can check every now and then, but it's mostly on my phone and it's difficult to do a lot of the things I need to do as a moderator on my phone.
Some of you who aren't especially familiar with the way that message boards work may not know what all is entailed in forum moderation. The moderators in this forum are all global moderators, which means they have the authority to perform their tasks in every section of the forum (except for posting new topics in the news forum). Their job is to maintain order within the message board. They do this by moving topics that are not properly placed, splitting topics (sending certain posts from one topic to a new topic) if they veer off subject too far, locking a topic that needs to end for whatever reason, and keeping tempers down through mediation. Those are the majority of the tasks performed by a moderator here.

I would like to announce our new moderators:
DayGlo Divine and Johnny Zebra!

I have faith that they will be fair and help to keep Zebra Huddle a welcoming environment for all derby refs to discuss the sport that is so dear to us all.