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Title: Spammers
Post by: Major Wood on February 15, 2010, 03:15:24 am
Firstly, I wish to apologize for the spam that has occurred on here over the past couple months.

Secondly, if you received a personal message from someone (I'll list known usernames below) telling you about viruses, please disregard the message. This is NOT something from Zebra Huddle. Also DO NOT click on any of the links in these messages, unless you want a virus on your computer.

The users who have been reported as having sent these messages are as follows:


Thank you to those of you who reported these messages to me.

I had been hoping that these were isolated instances, when there was only one user reported.
Unfortunately, it's not.

I've taken a few measures to help prevent these things from happening. I'm sorry to say that when you add security measures, it normally means a bit of inconvenience. I hope that the choices I've made are not overly inconvenient.

Here are the security measures I've added:

I hope that these things combined greatly reduce the chance of any spammers making it in. Realistically, we can't prevent all spammers. I just want to strike a balance between security and convenience.