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Rules Discussion / Re: 5 blocker points
« Last post by bmd (2113) on March 21, 2019, 05:58:08 pm »
I don't think so, because of the Rationale in C3.1.A

Rationale: As a result of the successful Star Pass, the White Jammer and White Pivot exchange status in terms of scoring and being scored upon. Since the Red Jammer had already scored on the original White Pivot before the Star Pass, they have the point for the White Blocker (originally the White Jammer) in this trip and cannot score it again.

emphasis mine.
Rules Discussion / 5 blocker points
« Last post by Hagar on March 16, 2019, 10:06:32 am »
With the demise of jammer lap points it seems 4 points per scoring pass is the max.

I want to confirm my thinking on a scenario

Black jammer passes all blockers including pivot but then gets recycled.

White jammer passes star to blocker
Black jammer then passes the ex white jammer and skated off completing the scoring pass.

My thought is that although the black jammer passed 5 blockers the ex white jammer is on a different lap so no points accrue for passing them.

Events / Ohio Roller Derby Home Season
« Last post by Stray Taco on January 04, 2019, 10:12:22 pm »
Ohio Roller Derby needs refs and NSOs for our upcoming home season. We do offer a travel stipend for our visiting officials. Sign up here!

Game dates:
Mar 23 - Home Opener vs. Toronto
April 6 - vs. Roc City
May 11 - vs. Gem City
June 8 - vs. Brandywine
June 29 - vs. Classic City
Events / Cincinnati Rollergirls 2019 Home Season
« Last post by bmd (2113) on December 11, 2018, 05:06:50 pm »
Cincinnati Rollergirls have announced their home season, and the Officials Union Local 513 have created this handy form for you to let us know of your interest to officiate with us!

This year's games are:
  • Sat, 3/23 Black Sheep v Brandywine Roller Derby (Sanctioned) / Violent Lambs v Brandywine (Regulation) Fan Appreciation Night!
  • Sat, 4/6 Black Sheep v Steel City Roller Derby (Sanctioned) / Violent Lambs v Steel City (Regulation) Superhero Night!
  • Sat, 4/27 Black Sheep v Charm City Roller Girls (Sanctioned) / Violent Lambs v Charm City (Regulation) Star Wars Night!
  • Sat, 5/11  Black Sheep v Oklahoma Victory Dolls Roller Derby (Sanctioned) / Violent Lambs v Burning River Roller Derby (Regulation)  Pride Night! (With the potential for a Closed Hangover game the next morning.)

We typically provide legendary baked goods and a (albeit, modest) travel stipend. All Officials are invited to attend the league hosted after-party - with pizza!

If you would like to be contacted about officiating any of these games, please complete this form. We look forward to hearing from you!
Rules Discussion / Re: 4.1.1 Intiator of Illegal Target Zone
« Last post by AdamSmasher on November 15, 2018, 01:32:07 pm »
I think you may be overthinking this a little bit.  Blockers are allowed to position themselves however they like on the track, as long as they aren't linked.  Turning one shoulder away from an opponent turns the other shoulder toward them, after all.

Initiation is a separate question from positioning.  Initiation just asks "who made the last move which caused this contact to happen the way it did?"

If a jammer is coming in at high speed and the blocker suddenly jumps in front of them such that the jammer couldn't change course, the answer to that is "the blocker."

On the other hand, if a jammer who *could* have changed trajectory *doesn't*, then the answer is "the jammer."

And it is definitely possible for there to be two initiators for a contact, if both people move simultaneously in a way that determines the final situation.
Here's the sequence, if I have this right:

1. White pivot gets a penalty, and leaves the track.
2. White pivot returns to the track without being told to do so and resumes playing derby.
 - At this point, they are affecting game play after having been penalized.  This *definitely* warrants a second penalty per C5.4.C.  This would be a Misconduct penalty, probably an insubordination.
 - If they refuse to leave the track for the second penalty and continue to affect gameplay, the jam should be called, and they should *also* be issued an Interference penalty as a third penalty for causing a clock stoppage.

.. but continuing with what really happened:

3. White jammer passes the star to white pivot.
 - Since this is a star pass to an illegal recipient, under the rules in effect as of November, 2018, this is a Star Pass Violation (Illegal Procedure) penalty to the jammer. No star pass has occurred - the jammer is the jammer, and the pivot is the pivot, and both should be heading to the box as their original positions.

As far as expulsions go, I think this would have to be situational - did the white pivot appear confused?  Were they obviously flaunting the officials' instructions? This is one of those situations where we do need to look at intent before removing someone from the game.  If the pivot said "F*** you, refs," and returned to play, that's massively unsporting.  If the pivot is, on the other hand, 12 years old, playing in their first game, and completely confused, I wouldn't even remotely consider expelling them.
Hello everybody, this situation happen last weekend in a tournament and with the SO crew we weren't sure that we handle it well:

White pivot is penalized for a back block for the JR, abandoned immediately the track and skate in direction of the penalty box, but before arriving to the penalty box, she re-enters to the track and starts participating in the play and receives the star. Then the IPR realize that she never reported to the penalty Box and send the "white pivot/current white jammer" to the penalty box for the original penalty plus an insubordination, both penalties were served as Pivot.

Other than the white pivot should have been in the penalty box the star pass was legal, should she had served her time as pivot or as jammer?

The behaviour of the white pivot justified an expulsion?
Rules Discussion / 4.1.1 Intiator of Illegal Target Zone
« Last post by Rego_Derby on November 07, 2018, 01:14:35 am »
How should I rule on this? A line of blockers shoulder to shoulder are up against one of the lines (inside or outside doesn't matter). The blocker on the line turns their body at an angle so they are facing more towards the inside/outside of the track than straight ahead such that the angle they create with the blocker next to them eliminates the seam and the jammer has nothing to contact except the illegal target zone on both blockers as defined in that section. Does the blocker doing this get called for initiating with the illegal target zone? Does it matter more about how much time they give the jammer to react? It would seem like a sound strategy to force the jammer to the middle depending on how to rule on the situation.
Events / Nashville Rollergirls 2019 Scrimmage-A-Thon - 2/2/2019
« Last post by Major Wood on November 05, 2018, 07:49:04 pm »
The Nashville Rollergirls are hosting their annual Scrimmage-a-thon on February 2nd, 2019. This will be held at The Fairgrounds Nashville in Nashville, TN.

We are seeking officials to staff the 6 scrimmages (each 45 minutes long) and be considered for two games after the scrimmages are over. Lunch and dinner will be provided for officials, with accommodations made for dietary concerns (we won't leave you high and dry if you are vegan, gluten free, etc).

This event is one that has been very successful in getting newer officials lots of feedback. We generally have several high level referees (several with Playoffs and Champs experience) there doing lots of watching and shadowing to give feedback.
This year we are again seeking to increase the number of high level NSOs available for feedback. If you think you may be able to give feedback, please consider coming.

There is no specific application close date, but we will be doing rolling invitations (hopefully every week or so, depending on the number of applications). So you should be able to make plans fairly quickly after you apply.

Apply here
Events / October 27th Savannah, Georgia- Blocktoberfest Junior Scrimmage Refs needed
« Last post by TerryT on October 19, 2018, 01:46:12 am »
Hi all,
****Update: We still need 3 more refs. Any help would be so appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!!*****The Savannah Junior Derby Taunts and Savannah Sirens will hold a junior scrimmage at this year's Blocktoberfest hosted by the Savannah Derby Devils. We really need some refs to help us with our scrimmage. It will be a mixed- level junior scrimmage. It starts at 12 noon. October 27th, 2018 @ the National Guard Armory in Savannah. We will provide a gift basket to each ref as a token of our appreciation and also offer a gas card to any ref that travels from outside of Savannah.  You can contact me here or at or IM me on the Derby Taunts FB page
Thanks in advance,
Terry Thomas, ILC
Savannah Junior Derby Taunts
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