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Author Topic: Skater fails to notice referee removing them from the box  (Read 12144 times)

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Re: Skater fails to notice referee removing them from the box
« Reply #30 on: May 09, 2012, 11:18:34 pm »
After reading this discussion I would lean towards having the PB timers start a stopwatch for the skater but tell her she is not being timed - that way her attention is brought to the situation without spelling it out explicitly, while removing the possibility of her serving far more than a normal penalty on top of the mistake. Of course, that is by its very nature dishonest so I'm not sure I am leaning in the right direction.  I will speak to our head ref about it.

You can be timing the amount of time a skater is spending in a seat without timing a penalty.  So timing the amount of time she sits, but also saying "I am not timing a penalty for you because you are being directed to return to the track," would be and accurate description of the situation since you're not timing a penalty, you're timing how long she is there without a penalty.  This allows you to both 1) do the 'just in case' timing, and 2) tell her you're not timing a penalty without being disingenuous.
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