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Author Topic: Single stopwatch penalty box - stopping timer  (Read 2393 times)

Offline DocSkinner

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Single stopwatch penalty box - stopping timer
« on: December 04, 2012, 11:53:59 pm »
Ever since I first learned how to do it, I have been a fan of the single stopwatch penalty timing system. One thing I haven't had to do yet is stop the timer for one skater while keeping it running for others. This would occur if a skater refuses to stand, which I have never seen, but I think would also apply if the skater refuses to stand upright (according to

Those of you who use a single stopwatch, how do you stop the timer for a single skater while allowing it to run for the other, legal skater(s)? Do you simply mentally note the time and add as many seconds as necessary? Do you note it on the penalty box paperwork ("in: 0, stand: 50, out: 63")?

More generally, I've wondered how the whole process works in practice, since I've never had to do it. Ten seconds is so short a time. If at :50 I say "Black zero, stand" and she doesn't stand, she might just have not heard me. So I repeat. If she still doesn't stand I say "Black zero, if you do not stand I will stop the timer." By that time it is probably :58 and just about time to start telling her she is done. Is it ever really practical to stop the timer for a skater who doesn't stand?
« Last Edit: January 10, 2013, 08:24:04 pm by DocSkinner »

Offline Numb3r Crunch3r

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Re: Single stopwatch penalty box - stopping timer
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2012, 12:53:50 am »
I will admit I have also never done this in practice, but I would tend to give them two tries at 'Colour Number Stand' (for benefit of the doubt, hearing wise) - however should she still refuse to stand, or be obviously consciously refusing to stand, I'd likely back-date the time to the original standing time.

Point being - if it was an unheard/misunderstood cue, don't over-punish. If, however, it was a conscious choice to ignore the instruction, back-date the time to when the instruction was first ignored (a la 'a skater is considered in the box at the moment of being directed off the track', not at the moment of hearing the penalty 2 or 3 times later'). If she refuses to stand, she still has ten seconds to serve, regardless of how much time it took to determine that she was refusing to stand.

Keep the stopwatch running as usual. From the moment she stands, note the time on the stopwatch (1:33, for example) and simply add ten seconds. Mark both 50 and 1.33 in the stand box and maybe annotate later when you have time, 'skater refused to stand'.

Also, as a final note, the verbal cue tends to be more along the lines of 'Black zero, I am not timing you because you are not standing' - which gives more leeway in terms of when you stopped the clock, compared to 'If you do not stand I will stop the timer'. The latter also sounds more like an order or an attempt at an order, as opposed to merely providing information.

Offline ShoNuff

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Re: Single stopwatch penalty box - stopping timer
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2012, 02:14:04 am »
That's pretty much the practice I use as well.

<Color> <#> Stand

Skater doesn't stand.  Assume they did not hear you and repeat

<Color> <#> Stand

If they stand, I assume they did not hear me the first time and continue on to the end of the penalty.

If they continue to not stand I consider them to have 10 seconds remaining.

<Color> <#> I cannot continue timing your penalty until you stand.

Let the stopwatch keep going and handle any other skaters I have.  If they continue to not stand, periodically repeat the verbal that I cannot continue timing the penalty.

When they eventually stand, release them ten seconds later.

Typically, the skater's teammates will be yelling at them once you start telling them you aren't timing their penalty and that usually gets them moving.  I've never had to repeat that I could not continue timing their penalty.

On a related note, the first time you tell a skater to stand a second time because they are hovering over the chair, make sure you really belt out the verbal.  Teams notice if you are a stickler on the stand requirement and you seldom have to insist on a proper stand more than once or twice if the benches hear you doing it.


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