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Author Topic: Extra blockers/jammers prior to the start whistle  (Read 1645 times)

Offline Major Puddles

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Extra blockers/jammers prior to the start whistle
« on: February 06, 2018, 08:35:01 pm »
Regarding teams starting with extra blockers or jammers. Which skaters have an established starting position? Surely only skaters who are intending to stay on the track have an established position. All other skaters must be transient in nature, right? So if a team lines up with 4 jammers and one of them gets pushed out of bounds, if they never intended to stay on the track, how can we justify an early hit? There is no impact. Same with blockers. If there is a full line on the jam line, and another on on the pivot line, if someone gets pushed over the pivot line and then leaves the track with 4 seconds before the jam start, where's the impact. How are you all thinking about calling this?

Offline Vanilla VICE

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Re: Extra blockers/jammers prior to the start whistle
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2018, 11:46:02 pm »
If the push is outside of 5 seconds I feel like you give it time to see if a reset of position is possible. If everyone is able to reset before the whistle, then No Impact.

If the receiver is still pushed out of position at the whistle, I'd give the penalty to the initiator.

If they haven't cleared the track at 4 seconds after 5 seconds is called, I'm just going to stop the clock and call a Delay of Game Penalty as their will be impact to the game before 4 warnings can be given (if it were 4 blockers).
« Last Edit: February 06, 2018, 11:49:52 pm by Vanilla VICE »
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Offline Anton Deck

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Re: Extra blockers/jammers prior to the start whistle
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2018, 09:18:37 am »
I personaly disagree with any blocking between jams being legal. How do you distinguish between legitimate confusion, skaters leaving form the previous jam and deliberate tactic that is not forbidden in the rules even if some officials don't like it?
Theres also a fair chance referess will be doing other things during the line up time and cant be expected to fully cover teams trying to hit each others extra skaters off the track.
Unexpected contact is unexpected contact and should be penalised as such under the rules if theres suifficent impact. How do you know which skater(s) marked as a jammer didnt intended to stay? Is a jammer leaving the track at the end of jam fair game because they dont have a position? Remember knocking someone severly off balance is a penalty impact in itself. 

This sort of tactic has been around for the 7 years Ive been involved in derby without the game imploding and there are rules to deal with it. Ump posed the question in the 2013 clinic cycle...this is something that derby has coped with for a long time without breaking.   Its also worth noting one team that tried it at the world cup managed to earn themselves a jammer penalty by screwing up their timing. aint as smart as some coaches seem to think.  It also strikes me that I've seen far more excitement and panic over this form officials than from skaters.

If the jam starts and the game is interefered with by the additional skaters then we end the jam and penalise them.

If it gets to the point of breaking the game through excessive use then i guess unsporting conduct could be strecthed as a captain penalty but be ready to have an argument with the bench over that. And if it becomes overly common and problematic the skaters will address it through the proper change procedures and rules comm with input from the officials, but I really don't see allowing early hits as a safe or fair solution.

Till then I'd deal with it on a case by case basis without trying to invent new rules or stretch existing ones to be used in ways they werent intended. If the skaters want their game to be ridiculous thats their choice. Its annoying and silly but we cant let the game get dangerous as a response and allow 30 skaters to knock lumps out of each other prior to the whistle.


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